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The English version is "Slow Life - Tidings of four seasons".
I am weak in English. For that reason I aim at something like picture book, that is represented by words of a little.


Aromaphloia アロマフロイア』では、バラやアロマオイルなどユーカリ以外のものを掲載しています。


Description of E.Morrisbyi

The summary of Eucalyptus Morrisbyi is as follows.

Temperature : USDA Zone 8~9
Type of plant : Medium tree to 49 feet (15 m)
Flower Color : White (Cream)
Growth Rate : Slow
Placement : Sun
Moisture : Moderate moisture
Origin : Tasmania

USDA Zone shows the lowest temperature to which the plant can pass the winter.
USDA Zone 8 ~ 9 is as follows.
8a 10~15F -9.5~-12.2C
8b 15~20F -6.7~ -9.4C
9a 20~25F -3.9~ -6.6C
9b 25~30F -1.2~ -3.8C

Hirakatashi is USDA Zone 9a.
Tokyo / Nagoya-shi / Osaka-shi is USDA Zone 9a for your information.

The place of origin is Tasmania.
Tasmania south end Catamaran : Latitude -43 degrees 33 minutes
Tasmania north end Stanley : Latitude -40 degrees 45 minutes

Replaces it with Japan.
Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido : Latitude 43 degrees 45 minutes
Aomori-shi, Aomori : Latitude 40 degrees 49 minutes

I seem to be strong in cold if I think that it is the plant of this neighborhood.

The cold-proof temperature changes in the condition of the ground planting and potted, and there is an individual specificity, too.
It can do nothing but manage while seeing the appearance.

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